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Vietnam Visa For Ghana
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Is Vietnam visa required for Ghana citizens?

“Yes, Ghana citizens do need a visa to enter Vietnam”

Two methods to apply Vietnam visa:

1/ VISA ON ARRIVAL: Getting a visa approval letter within a few working days by applying visa online. It is beneficial for those who are travelling Vietnam by air.

Applying process:

  • Email us your passport scans, entry date and entry airport.
  • We send you visa approval letter within a few working days.
  • You print the letter out, show it at the Vietnam airport and get your visa stamped.

Note: You might have to send us further documents below:

  • Return air tickets.
  • Hotel booking
  • Tour itinerary.

Please email us: admin@halongbaylegends.com to check if these documents are required at the time of your booking.

2/ Apply Vietnam visa via Vietnam embassies in your country or neighbour country: You will need to send your passports and other documents to Vietnam embassy. This method of applying visa takes more time, more money and there’s a risk of losing your passport by sending it via post offices.