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– Normal Processing (No extra fee): Get visa letter in 2 working days.

– Urgent 1 working day processing (service fee+8USD/pax): Get visa letter in next working day.

– Urgent 1/2 working day processing (service fee+15USD/pax): Get visa letter in ½ of next working day.

– Super Urgent (service fee+65USD/pax): Get visa letter in Non- working time, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays.

Working time: From 8AM to 11AM in the morning and from 1PM to 5PM in the afternoon exclude Saturday, Sunday, Holidays.


1/ Provide us requested information below via email: admin@halongbaylegends.com

  • Full name as it appear on the passport:
  • Gender:
  • Date of birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Passport number:
  • Arrival date:
  • Type of visa: (1month single/1 month multi/3 months single/3 months multi)
  • Processing time: please specify

OR send us: a passport scan + entry date + visa type + processing time.

2/ In super urgent case, after you email us, please call our hotline so that we can do it for you immediately: +84 169 822 3310